Coventry is a unique city, home to a rich history, ancient legends, pioneers of innovation and the arts and an eclectic mix of architecture, and you can discover more of this by coming on our two guided walks: Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk, and the Jigsaw of History Tour.  


Below are details of our usual walks, followed by the scheduled programme until the end of 2021. We will be back in 2022, but dates are not finalised yet. For inquiries about dates and private bookings, please Contact Us. If there’s just a couple of you and you’re interested in a date not listed below, still Contact Us and we might be able to run it. Both of walks detailed below start from Broadgate between Godiva’s Statue and the clock.

Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk.


This walk takes you around the historical epicentre of Coventry and you’ll find out about kings, queens cathedrals and castles. This walk is very light, is less than a mile in length and takes approximately 2 hours. 

Highlights include:

  • The legend of Godiva, her historical significance and why there may have been an agenda to whitewash her from history.
  • The loss of St Marys Cathedral in the dissolution of the Monasteries and how that changed Coventry forever.
  • Moonlight Sonata, the Blitz of the 14th of November 1940 and what authorities really knew before the attack.
  • The crucial part that Coventry was meant to play in the Gunpowder Plot.
  • The legacies of international peace and reconciliation which followed the destruction and rebuilding of St Michaels Cathedrals.
  • Six different theories as to where the name ‘Coventry’ came from.
  • Why Coventry has actually been a city forever, since “Time Immemorial”.
  • The short-lived history of Coventry Castle.
  • The two time capsules of Coventry; St Marys Guildhall and Drapers Hall.

There are two ways to book a place on Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk. To use the City of Culture system (please use this option if you can!) click here. or if tickets are no longer available on that site, you can book via Eventbrite here.

The Jigsaw of History Tour


This tour zig-zags through the city centre away from the cathedrals, and takes participants on a walk through a city which has kept making history by inventing the future. It’s a history that includes the civil war and civil rights, it’s a history of a city that has moved from being the world-leading pioneer in one industry to another, then another, it’s a rich cultural history of a city which has kept on reinventing itself, finally rising like a phoenix from the firestorm of the Blitz. It’s a history that fits together like a jigsaw, come and explore it with us. The tour is about two miles long and lasts approximately two and three-quarter hours. 

Highlights include:

  • The industrial booms which saw Coventry as the centre of manufacturing of weaving, watching, bikes and cars. 
  • See the most complete part of the City Wall, and learn where the Civil War really started.
  • The Royal Palace in the city centre where the King and Queen stayed when Coventry was the capital of England, which is still partially in use. 
  • The story of the inventors who brought us the bicycle and the jet engine.
  • Different theories as to where the phrase “Sent to Coventry” came from.
  • Explanations and information about of dozens of artworks around the city centre, some of which even the locals might not have noticed before! 
  • Details of the rich cultural history of Coventry.
  • Stories of the Phoenix City, risen from the ashes of the Blitz.

To get tickets on the Jigsaw of History Tour via the City of Culture booking system (we’d really prefer it if you can do it this way) click here, or if tickets are no longer available on that site, book via this Eventbrite link. 

Thursday 02-Dec-21 9.50 The Jigsaw of History Tour 1.50 Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk
Friday 03-Dec-21 9.50 Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk 12.50 The Jigsaw of History Tour
Saturday 04-Dec-21 9.50 Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk  
Sunday 05-Dec-21 9.50 The Jigsaw of History Tour 1.50 Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk
Monday 06-Dec-21    
Tuesday 07-Dec-21    
Wednesday 08-Dec-21    
Thursday 09-Dec-21 9.50 The Jigsaw of History Tour 1.50 Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk
Friday 10-Dec-21 9.50 Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk 12.50 The Jigsaw of History Tour
Saturday 11-Dec-21 9.50 Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk  
Sunday 12-Dec-21 9.50 The Jigsaw of History Tour 1.50 Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk
Monday 13-Dec-21    
Tuesday 14-Dec-21    
Wednesday 15-Dec-21    
Thursday 16-Dec-21 9.50 The Jigsaw of History Tour 1.50 Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk
Friday 17-Dec-21 9.50 Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk 12.50 The Jigsaw of History Tour
Saturday 18-Dec-21 9.50 Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk  


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Help Stalingrad and win a trip to Volgograd

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