How long are the walks?

Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk covers just under a mile should normally take about two hour and ten minutes, whilst the Jigsaw of History Tour is two miles and averages about two and three-quarter hours, but each tour will vary depending on the conditions and participants.

Do I have to be physically fit?

No, but we do ask that participants only sign up for a walk if they can keep a steady pace, be that walking or in a wheelchair, as the whole group can only move as quickly as the slowest person. There are a number of areas of cobbled streets as well as some steps and uneven surfaces, so whilst walking boots are not necessary, comfortable footwear is advisable and please take into consideration that cobbles can be slippery in wet conditions.

Is the route wheelchair accessible?

Normally, the largest barrier to accessibility on the walk is a couple of streets with cobbles. However, like in any city, building and road works can appear without a great deal of notice which can block access along the route or mean there is additional uneven ground. If you have accessibility issues, please contact us in advance so that we can check the route on the day. If there is an issue with the preferred route, a close alternative will be found.

Does the tour go inside any attractions?

No. Besides a short portion of the the Jigsaw of History Tour which goes through the Lower Precinct and the Market (at times when the market is open), and a quick nip into the Modern Cathedral during Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk when possible, both walks take place completely outside. Under normal circumstances Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk goes through the Cathedral Ruins, however it can be closed on for events on occasion. For these dates, see the Cathedral Website.

Can I just turn up at the start of the tour?

We really recommend that you book your place in advance.as tours will be cancelled if no-one has booked 75 minutes before a is due to start. You can contact us in advance to make sure a walk is going ahead and pay on the day by cash or card.

You’re not doing the walk I want on the day I want. Can you swap?

If the advertised walk has no bookings, we can swap them around. Please contact us to find out.

Where do the walks start?

Both of the normal Sky Blue City Walks (Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk and The Jigsaw of History Tour) start and end in Broadgate between Godiva’s statue and the clock (CV1 1NE).

How do I get there?

Broadgate is less than 15 minutes walk from Coventry Railway Station, and a couple of minutes from the bus stands on Trinity Street and five minutes from Pool Meadow Bus Station. The nearest car park is Salt Lane, CV1 2GX. The nearest bike hire docking station is on Ironmonger Row, CV1 1FD.

How do I recognise the guide?

Sky Blue Tailcoat, Sky Blue Top Hat, Coventry Flag.

Do the walking tours run every day?

At the moment, walks are advertised all the way to the end of October starting at 9.50am, every day. PLEASE NOTE – this schedule represents the possible availability – specific walks may be cancelled in advance for various reasons, including private bookings, time off, other events happening in the City Centre, and of course walks without advance bookings will be cancelled.

Are Children allowed on the tour?

Yes. And up to the age of 13 they are free.

How much does it cost?

Both walks currently cost £12.00 for advance bookings, concessionary rates of £8 are only available via the TripAdmit booking system. Follow these links to book Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk and the Jigsaw of History Tour

Are there any booking fees?

Not for you! We’ve absorbed them, so the price you see is the price you pay.

Will there be an arctic sleet or glorious sunshine?

This is England, there could easily be both of those in the space of two hours. We will weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not! The tour takes place outside and it should be noted that Coventry can catch the wind somewhat.

What should I bring?

A happy face and a positive attitude, willing to learn. If you intend to walk, shoes are recommended. Preferably ones which are suitable for walking on potentially wet and slippery cobblestones.

Do I get a refund if I need to cancel?

Refunds are available up to a day before the event, but the proportion of the cost which represents the fees taken by Eventbrite is non-refundable because they charge whether you come or not. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice or don’t turn up then sorry, but there will be no refund unfortunately. 

Are there toilets available?

Not massively. Coventry has had a bit of a war against the idea of having any public toilets over the last couple of decades, so it’s best to make sure you go before you come. If things become urgent, please let your guide know he will try and organise a stop for you somewhere convenient.

What if I am running late?

If you are only going to be five of minutes late, do not worry too much as we will not have left Broadgate. If you are running late, please contact us, but remember we will not be available once walks have actually started, but you won’t want to miss the start!! Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk stays in Broadgate for about 15 minutes after the start, while the Jigsaw of History Tour dips into the Upper Precinct before coming back to Broadgate for a little while.

Are you insured?

Yes. Sky Blue City Walks are risk-assessed and insured and every effort is taken to ensure the safety and comfort of all customers. However, customers participate at their own risk and must make their own decision about suitability. Please listen to the instructions of the guide at all times for everyone’s safety. Customers can leave the walk at any time. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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