Time Team at St Marys

It occurred to me that when Sky Blue City Walks start – hopefully on Friday May the 21st – there will be more than a few references, so it seems sensible to get some of them here ready for you to find.

Probably the first and most obvious is when Time Team came to Coventry. When Channel 4 first started Time Team, they had two rules: all the digs would last a maximum of three days, and they would never go back anywhere. For Coventry, they broke both of those rules, though sadly as of yet there is no sign of the second episode on Youtube, and a response from Channel 4 says they are not planning to get it on All 4 any time soon.

But here’s the original episode, first broadcast on the 13th of February 2000.

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Guided Walks of Coventry, the UK Capital of Culture 2021

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