I’m stuck with Commonwealth Games Rugby Sevens tickets, but this is not an advert!

Back when tickets first came available for the Commonwealth Games, I didn’t really need to look through the programme to see if what I might fancy, there was only one choice: The Rugby Sevens. But now I’m stuck with tickets in a sold-out section, because I can’t get a refund and it’s illegal to advertiseContinue reading “I’m stuck with Commonwealth Games Rugby Sevens tickets, but this is not an advert!”

It’s getting pretty desperate at this end…..

One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for a really long while is update this blog. So much has happened since the last time I managed to do one. The big one of course is the end of City of Culture, and given the big half-term report I did, you might have expectedContinue reading “It’s getting pretty desperate at this end…..”

The Ambitiously Comprehensive Whistle-Stop Public Art Tour

If you want to know more about this walk read on. If you’ve already decided you’re up for it, book here or if that’s full, here. Do you think you could make it round four miles in just over two hours to see about an artwork a minute inside the Coventry Ring Road? Well, that’sContinue reading “The Ambitiously Comprehensive Whistle-Stop Public Art Tour”

It’s Saint Osburg’s Day again! You did know she’s the Coventry Saint….?

It’s a matter of historical fact, even though there are three versions of the facts stretching over almost 400 years, that St Osburg is the Coventry Saint.

Your Last Chance to Book a Walk Before City of Culture Ends, and the Price Goes Up!

Now it’s warming up, maybe it’s time to book that guided walk you’ve kept saying you were going to get around to? After all, there’s never been a better time to do it! You can book via the links below, or get a ticket at the City of Culture shop in Hertford Street. One ofContinue reading “Your Last Chance to Book a Walk Before City of Culture Ends, and the Price Goes Up!”

Look at the Bees – Welcome to Bookbombing.

Bookbombing. You’re welcome to it. This post charts the progress of the first bookbombing of a single-publication over multiple sites, a guerrilla installation over a number of locations in Coventry, the 2021 UK City of Culture. The book in question is ‘Look at the Bees’, a compilation of over 2000 inspirational quotes from the agesContinue reading “Look at the Bees – Welcome to Bookbombing.”

Well that’s nice.

Today, I got an email saying that Travel Mag have published an article, “12 Unique Things to do in Coventry”, and one of those was to come on a walk run by the top rated tour guide in Coventry, which according to Tripadvisor, is me! Or at least it is at the moment… In allContinue reading “Well that’s nice.”

City of Culture – Half Term Report.

Halfway through Coventry being City of Culture, here’s what you thought were the best and worst things, and some ideas on how the solve the biggest problem.

Wroth, Films and a Random House that Feels like Silver String: Martinmas Remembered

On the 11th of November, there was just so much happening around City of Culture, starting off with the 1000-odd year old Worth Silver ceremony.

The Abundant lack of Abundance at the Abundance Parade

Updated 16th November 2021 On Sunday 7th November the Abundance Parade, an event with more than a large hat-tip to Diwali took place in Foleshill. Abundance was another magnificent event, though it seemed to have possibly the most ironic title, as there was certainly no abundance of spectators. The event was an attempt to followContinue reading “The Abundant lack of Abundance at the Abundance Parade”