Coventry Moves Together – All the Livestreams

On 5th June 2021, the City of Culture ‘We-can’t-really-call-it-an-opening-event-because-of-covid-even-though-it-is-the-opening-event”; Coventry Moves Together was quite frankly a triumph. A lot of people clearly put a lot of work into that, and they should all be very proud.

While I’m sure there will be an official edit in the fullness of time, as that hasn’t been done yet, here are all the livestreams from the day specifically set to start a couple of seconds before the beginning of performances (or from when performers begin to appear), cutting out the ‘please stand by’ message there was on the day and a couple of long lead-in periods. 

Above: A Single Voice
Above: The River Run
Above: Powered by People
Above: Youthfulness – Defying Gravity
Above: Innovation
Above: Rising Up
Above: Coventry Moves Together at 20:21

Finally, this one isn’t a performance but I certainly couldn’t leave it out. After all it does introduce the hope of a little more magic!

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