The Full Set

Over the last few months, a unique treasure hunt has been added -quite literally- to the streets of Coventry, as seven phrases and three coins have been added to the cobbles around the Cathedrals. Just to prove that they do all exist, here is the full set, along with the bonus square…..

Time to think of your future!
Jimmy is looking after this one…..
Not for the first time, Peeping Tom is in the wrong place!
And there certainly are a batch of cobbles in this spot.
We’ve found eight different explanations as to where the phrase ‘Sent to Coventry’ comes from and will be covering that amongst many other things in the new walking tour we will be running from 16th July.
The powers that be really seem to have doubled down on Coffa’s Tree being the origin of the name Coventry. There are actually six different theories as to where the name came from, and that is one of the least likely. To find out more, book a walk of Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter!
This one has been massively controversial and the last one to be found. It probably wasn’t there at the start (the same way that the coins below were added after the cobbles had been announced), with this one only probably been laid in the last week. It’s also hard to find, because it’s exactly where it should be, which at the moment is somewhere you shouldn’t be looking,…..
The coins are all close together. It’s not giving much away to tell say that they’re exactly where you’d expect them to be.
And of course the bonus square…..

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