Your Last Chance to Book a Walk Before City of Culture Ends, and the Price Goes Up!

Now it’s warming up, maybe it’s time to book that guided walk you’ve kept saying you were going to get around to? After all, there’s never been a better time to do it! You can book via the links below, or get a ticket at the City of Culture shop in Hertford Street.

One of the reasons that there has never been a better time is that come the end of City of Culture in May the prices will sadly be going up from the current £10.41 per person. That’s not just because the cost of everything seems to be going up right now, but the end of City of Culture will mean the end of free ticketing. Firms like Eventbrite for example take a commission of £1.40 per ticket at the current prices, and while I currently absorb those fees from the handful of tickets sold through that provider, I won’t be able carry on doing that when I have to pay commission on all of the tickets. The other reason for getting your booking in now is that if the Jigsaw of History Tour is what you are interested in, it’ll be ending when City of Culture ends in May, so you’d best get in now! But don’t worry, Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk will continue and there will be an exciting new programme of walks to come with some of the elements of Jigsaw transferring across into some of them, and it’ll start with the reintroduction of the Whistle-Stop Public Art Tour in a couple of weeks time.

Both the Jigsaw of History Tour and Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk are available to book right up to the very last day of City of Culture on May 31st for online bookings and at the City of Culture shop in Hertford Street.

Below are the dates which are currently scheduled, but I can do walks on some dates other than the ones listed – but only if you ask. Also remember if I don’t get any bookings for a walk, it might get cancelled and any date without bookings might also get cancelled for a private booking, so if you want a specific walk, book it now!

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Guided Walks of Coventry, the UK Capital of Culture 2021

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