The Ambitiously Comprehensive Whistle-Stop Public Art Tour

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Do you think you could make it round four miles in just over two hours to see about an artwork a minute inside the Coventry Ring Road? Well, that’s absolutely what this hard-core art tour is all about. That’s the reason it is called the Ambitiously Comprehensive Whistle-Stop Public Art Tour, because while the whole thing is doable, the question is: will your tour party manage it?

During Coventry Opens, which takes place over the 5th to the 8th of May, this hard-core art tour will try and get you round over 111 public artworks in the city centre in about two and a quarter hours. Yes, we’ve counted more than 111 distinct artworks inside the Coventry Ring Road: that’s new temporary and permanent artworks which have appeared during City of Culture, the obvious things that have been there forever, and plenty of stuff that people walk past every day without noticing. And all of that is without bothering with the anyone-can-find stuff at the cathedrals, and no, we’re not cheating by counting the tagging!

If you come on this walk, your guide will take you to each piece and tell you what it is and who it’s by, but then it is pretty much time to move on. Don’t worry you won’t have to run, but everyone will need to keep up, not linger about too much and certainly not spread out too much, otherwise we won’t get it all done in time and as a group we will fail! If you do not think you could keep up a steady walking pace -not a fast pace, just a steady one- for over two hours with just short stops at each piece, then this event might not be for you. 

The Ambitiously Comprehensive Whistle-Stop Public Art Tour is running just for the length of Coventry Opens, that’s Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th May, starting at 6pm each day at the Man’s Struggle Sculpture by the zebra crossing on Jordan Well, CV1 5QT. It’ll take approximately two and a quarter hours over four miles. Tickets are £10.41. Click here to book via City of Culture or use our new ticketing partner TripAdmit and book here.

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