The hat is going nowhere!

On the 10th of January, the day that ‘Spare’ by Prince Harry hit the shops, journalists went down to Oxford Street in London to talk to people in the queue. But the queue consisted of just one woman! In response to this, that afternoon on Drive, Radio 5 Live asked listeners to text in their experiences about when they have been the only person partaking in an activity.

This prompted Ged – sorry if I’ve spelled that wrong – who moved to Cov last year to tell them about their wonderful time spent being shown around the city for two hours by this bloke in a Sky Blue top hat. The thing is, presenter Tony Livesey announced his kapelaphobia to the world, saying he wouldn’t go round anywhere with a bloke in a ‘massive top hat’ – though this later became a ‘massive bloke’ – thanks Tony!

Listeners suggested he was massively condescending to the people of Coventry, which saw and Clare McDonnell saying she loves the city, but I’m still waiting for the booking….

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Guided Walks of Coventry, the UK Capital of Culture 2021

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