Book Your Walk

Tickets for October are one sale now.

Click on these links to book dates through October for Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk, or the Jigsaw of History Tour. Until the 3rd of October, there are a limited number of free Whistle-Stop Public Art Tours too.

The temporary Free Whistlestop Art Tour taking place until October 3rd starts at the Herbert Gallery front entrance, whilst Godiva’s Cathedral Quarter Walk and the Jigsaw of History Tour both start at 9.50 and 1.50 on most days from Broadgate between Godivas statue and clock (CV1 1NE).

Please try to get to Broadgate 5 minutes before the start of your tour, it gives you a chance to find your guide who will be wearing a Sky Blue tailcoat and top hat, with a Coventry flag.

Normal walking days will be Friday to Tuesday inclusive, but this can change from time to time for example due to other events taking place in the City Centre.

You can book up until the 90 minutes before a walk is due to start on Eventbrite, times vary via The Ticket Factory. If you do not book and just turn up on the day, you run the risk that if it is busy the tour is full, or if it is quiet and there are no bookings, the tour may been cancelled without notice.

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