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Look at the Bees – Welcome to Bookbombing.

Bookbombing. You’re welcome to it. This post charts the progress of the first bookbombing of a single-publication over multiple sites, a guerrilla installation over a number of locations in Coventry, the 2021 UK City of Culture. The book in question is ‘Look at the Bees’, a compilation of over 2000 inspirational quotes from the agesContinue reading “Look at the Bees – Welcome to Bookbombing.”

The Abundant lack of Abundance at the Abundance Parade

Updated 16th November 2021 On Sunday 7th November the Abundance Parade, an event with more than a large hat-tip to Diwali took place in Foleshill. Abundance was another magnificent event, though it seemed to have possibly the most ironic title, as there was certainly no abundance of spectators. The event was an attempt to followContinue reading “The Abundant lack of Abundance at the Abundance Parade”


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