Celebrating the greatest cultural event so far in the History of Coventry: Coventry Market, the Musical!

As Coventry is on the verge of officially becoming UK City of Culture, we thought it was only right to celebrate what some have called the most important cultural event to ever take place in the history of the City.

Is it the Mystery Plays that started in 15th century, that would go on to inspire a young William Shakespeare? The birth of Two Tone? The filming of Nativity? The haunting tones of the Coventry Carol? One of the Godiva Festivals or processions?

No of course not! It’s Coventry Market, The Musical! Here it is in all its glory.

And of course you can’t watch “Coventry Market, The Musical” without immediately watching how Harry Hill reacted to it. Hill of course not only played the Coventry University Students Union of Priory Street as part of his “Eggs” tour at the start of his career, but was clearly already being drawn to the market, getting closer to it when he came back to play the Belgrade. What happened to his hair in the intervening period is unknown.

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