The View from Salt Lane

The other day, I thought it was about time I switched things up a bit and tried out the new Salt Lane Car Park. I was doing some of the final bits of filming for the promotional videos for Sky Blue City Walks, and part way up I realised: “Hang on, I’m filming random points on interest of the City Centre and doing pieces to camera with some of them in the background. And this place is quite tall and will have an open a roof……”

So God knows how many floors later and I’m on the roof, and while it wasn’t really suitable for the filming I wanted to do because two sides aren’t really that open, and the other two have industrial strength chicken wire which makes it rather difficult to pan a camera (though it does stop you falling off the roof of the building, so swings and roundabouts!), here’s what it looks like from up there.

Probably the most interesting this is the view you get of Fords Hospital from the back.

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