The Full Set

There is a unique treasure hunt -quite literally- on the streets of Coventry, as seven phrases and three coins have been added to the cobbles around the Cathedrals. Here is the full set.

Midsummer Fire Gardens

The Midsummer Fire Gardens at Caludon Castle Park was a fantastic event. Here’s some of the highlights. The version above is on Youtube. If you would like to share this video via Facebook, you can use the version below.

Two Tone – Lives and Legacies

The Two Tone Lives and legacies exhibition at the Herbert Gallery and Museum remains open until 12th September 2021. Here’s just some of the things you can see there.

Sorry, but you do realise that doesn’t look like an elephant….?

While no-one currently knows what fate will befall the Coventry Sports Centre building that straddles Cox Street as the umbilically joined swimming pool is surrounded by hoardings and prepared for demolition, what we all know is that it looks like an elephant. Of course it looks like an elephant, everyone knows that, it’s called theContinue reading “Sorry, but you do realise that doesn’t look like an elephant….?”

A slight change of plan…

After a stacks of research, thinking things through, literally months of planning, and test events, it now time to throw out the original idea and start again! While some may question the sanity of setting up in tourism in the middle of a global pandemic, having my sanity questioned is not a new thing forContinue reading “A slight change of plan…”

Please Stand By

While this weekend was meant to be the original launch date for Sky Blue City Walks, the offer of getting an early second Covid jab today Saturday was not really something that could be turned down. I’ll be much happier about starting up after having had a second vaccination not just for me, but forContinue reading “Please Stand By”

The View from Salt Lane

The other day, I thought it was about time I switched things up a bit and tried out the new Salt Lane Car Park. I was doing some of the final bits of filming for the promotional videos for Sky Blue City Walks, and part way up I realised: “Hang on, I’m filming random pointsContinue reading “The View from Salt Lane”

Celebrating the greatest cultural event so far in the History of Coventry: Coventry Market, the Musical!

As Coventry is on the verge of officially becoming UK City of Culture, we thought it was only right to celebrate what some have called the most important cultural event to ever take place in the history of the City. Is it the Mystery Plays that started in 15th century, that would go on toContinue reading “Celebrating the greatest cultural event so far in the History of Coventry: Coventry Market, the Musical!”